Glimpse of Bhaskar's Pipeline Project

A tale of Self Faith

Aayudh, Yuddh, and Yoddha (Weapon, War, and Warrior) combine to form Ayoddha the capital city of kingdom Kosala. Ram is not interested in war, but circumstances forces him to fight numerous battles.

After lots of interospection before his final journey to river Saryu, he changes the name of city from Ayoddha to Ayoddhya by adding Dhyaan (Meditation) along with Aayudh, Yuddh, and Yoddha.


"So you do not believe in God," Hanuman stopped scratching the ground and asked, looking towards Ram who was sitting on a boulder.

"No…" Ram looked into his eyes and said. "But you are being called as Rudra Avataar, incarnation of Lord Shiva."

"That is due to my anger… I often lose my temper. You will not hear them calling me Shiva Avataar," Hanuman put his mud laden hand on Ram's knee and said. "Rudra means ferocious. Lord Shiva went ferocious on losing his wife Sati… My friends compare my anger with his that episode of anger which forced him to take help of various intoxicants like- datura, bhang, opium, and various other objects. He would start yelling on people around but used to get pacified after getting the intoxicants from anybody."

"And people made it a custom of offering him bhang and datura… They are blindly obeying the ritual even after his death," Ram said.

"He is not dead…" Hanuman rubbed Ram's knee with his angvastram in order to remove dust and said. "He is alive… He cannot die."

"Hanuman, you are saying it with such confidence as if you have met him," Ram chuckled.

"Yes, not only him… but his entire family, none of them would die. I and Ganesh are good friends." Hanuman settled down on ground in front of Ram and said.

"Why… How is this possible?" Ram gaped on his statement and asked.

"They are a part of highly intellectual group, not like the kind he is being portrayed about. Ganesh told me that they emphasize on self faith. Do you know about Swastik, the symbol?


"That is actually developed by Ganesh. That stands for self faith and belief. Those people also do not worship any god.

"Swastik means one who holds his entire faith and belief in himself, in his abilities."