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Ravikant is enjoying his life in Banaras. He finds Raka, the love of his life. With Raka, his life is full. Maina warns him regarding Raka's demeanor, Ravi thinks that is due to Maina's overly protective nature. Ravi asks her not to intervene in his matter as he has matured enough to take his decisions. He prefers heart over head that causes him to leave Banaras overnight under gruesome conditions.

He moves to Delhi pledging not to involve romantically with girls and then he finds Sweety. He falls in love again; he never thought he would. Was Ravi destined to meet Sweety? Is there really something like destiny? How Ravi manages to keep The Second Promise?

Read "Destiny Follows" the concluding part of The Second Promise.


The story begins with Ravikant, the protagonist, who is a renowned scientist in the field of life science. A gorgeous, intelligent, but haughty girl Meghna considers his decision of taking only male students as gender favoritism. After qualifying for a prestigious fellowship, she applies to avail it in his laboratory to which he denies. It is a pre-election time in India so the issue attracts the political parties in order to draw attention of women, as in India, women form about forty nine percent population of the nation.

The political intervention creates a nationwide stir against Ravikant. Such grueling conditions force him to take a plunge in his past to recall the reasons behind him being bachelor and maintaining distance from females.

Some says he has gynophobia, and according to others, he was betrayed in love. Read it to know the reason behind Ravikant's such resolution. The Second Promise is Bhaskar's first novel in which you will be on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The story enthralls all who read it. You will be amazed by his knowledge in various subjects. You will wander through avenues of science, occult, astrology, spirituality, love, and romance. His sharp observation of day to day's life will make you laugh. You are not going to forget few characters of the book for many days.

Read it to enjoy the fascinating style of literary world.